KNX RF USB Interface Stick 340

This interface allows establishing a bidirectional connection between a PC or a laptop and the KNX RF wireless network. The device complies with the specification
of KNX RF and supports the protocol cEMI.

KNX RF USB Interface Stick 340

The interface is compatible with ETS 5 (or higher). For software integration (Windows or Linux) of this interface the free SDK kDrive express is available. The power is supplied via the USB port.


Technical Data

Mechanical data

  • Housing: transparent plastic
  • Dimensions: 71 x 23 x 8.7 mm
  • Weight: approx. 10 g


  • Medium RF
  • Interface protocol: HID/cEMI
  • Max. APDU length: 196
  • Object server: BAOS V2
  • Device model: system B

Power Supply

  • USB <50 mA


  • USB: Connector male type A
  • Internal antenna

RF Interface

  • KNX RF, ISM Band 868,3 MHz, FSK
  • Output power: 11d Bm


Note for developer

In addition to the telegram interface via cEMI, the KNX RF USB Interface Stick 340 includes a complete KNX Stack with communication objects and BAOS protocol V2. Thus, the stick offers the possibility to extend devices with USB connection to full KNX devices, which can even be programmed by ETS.