KNX TP GlassTouch 463

Our new GlassTouch series brings the comfort and nearly unlimited possibilities of an KNX installation even closer to the user. The unique design made of high quality glass gives every room a luxurious and modern character. Its touch interface is supported by a spatial proximity sensor for best user experience. Depending on the model and configuration, up to seven dimmable and color-coded symbols allow intuitive operation and maximum flexibility.

  6 touch fields and RTC with unlimited possibilities

The KNX TP Glass Touch devices are available in two design variants and two casings: 7-fold type to control lighting, shutter and much more. A 6-fold version with integrated display implements a powerful room temperature controller (RTC) for heating, cooling or both in one look-and-feel. All variants have integrated sensors for temperature, humidity and brightness. Besides the standard flush mounted versions also variants as table consoles are available to be used on the desk or to be placed on the night side box. Glass covers are available in black and white, both glossy or matt. The glass covers use an inlay film for exchangeable symbols and invisible magnetic fixing.

  Powerful application

Thanks to a user-friendly structured product database (ETS standard), even extensive configurations can be carried out easily and without an extra plug-in. The entire supply of the sensor
is provided via the KNX connection. The ETS applications of the GlassTouch series are in-line with our MATCH 55 series, but have been significantly expanded to make optimal use of the possibilities of the devices such as RGB backlighting or HVAC control. With the support of KNX Data Security, the GlassTouch series is also suitable for public buildings and hotels.

  Technical Data

Mechanical data

  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 72 x 87 x 84 mm (without glass cover)
  • Installation depth: XX mm
  • Weight: appr. XX grams

Power Supply

  • via KNX bus, no additional power supply


  • Connector for KNX bus (red / black)

User interface

  • 6 independent color-touch LEDs (RGBW) with exchangeable symbols
  • RTC field for heating and/or cooling
  • KNX programming button
  • Integrated sensors for temperature, humidity, proximity detection, ambient light


  • Powerful ETS application with scenes, RGB control, sequencer
  • Support of KNX Data Security