24V Push Button 436

The 24V Push Button 436 is a pushbutton insert for direct connection to push button inputs of e.g. smart home control panels, PLC controls or push button interfaces of any bus system.
The device is available with one or two rockers. Each rocker offers two pressure points (up/down).
The device is part of our MATCH 55 pushbutton series. With the supplied installation kit, the pushbutton fits mechanically to numerous switch series available on the market with internal dimensions of 55 mm. The optional terminal block enables the screwless connection of cables with a cross section of up to 0.75 mm2.
MATCH 55 Uebersicht Design

 Technical Data

Mechanical data

  • Housing: plastic
  • Insert with standardized PTM form factor
  • Dimensions wall mounting plate: 71 x 71 mm, for flush box 68 mm
  • Rockers for standard frames with internal dimensions 55 x 55 mm
  • Installation depth: None
  • Length of connecting cable: 150 mm

Power supply

  • Push button: none (potential free)
  • LED individual max. 24 V

User interface

  • 4 push buttons
  • 2 LEDs (green)


  • Pluggable connecting cable
  • Optional terminal block available