KNX BAOS Module 820

The Weinzierl KNX BAOS Modules are a powerful solution for KNX connectivity on a compact circuit board at low costs. They are targeted at manufacturers who want to integrate existing or new products into the KNX system as full compliant devices with complete support of the ETS software.

Our BAOS modules integrate a complete KNX node including a transceiver and a micro-controller running the certified Weinzierl KNX Stack. Possible applications for the modules are the integration into sensors, actuators, communication and even visualization devices. Communication with the modules takes place via the serial BAOS protocol in FT1.2 frame format. In addition, the FT1.2 protocol enables the transmission and reception of KNX telegrams in the EMI (External Message Interface) format.

Customer Benefits

  •  Low investments
  • Optimal price-performance ratio
  • Shorter development time
  • For modular device concept
  • Simple baseboard design
  • Free demo software available

Integrated Object Server

The benefit of the Object Server in the KNX BAOS Modules is the logical decoupling of the application from the KNX communication. The application can access the values of the communication objects without any knowledge of KNX telegram formats or KNX addresses used in the current installation. The module offers up to 250 data points.


The module autonomously generates and sends group telegrams. Received group telegrams will be interpreted in the module and the values will be stored in the addressed communication objects. The complete download of ETS is handled within the module.

Quick start into KNX device development

For a quick start into the development of KNX devices we recommend our KNX BAOS Starter Kit. It contains a development board and two KNX BAOS Modules. For the development board we provide a free demo project which implements the BAOS protocol and a simple application. A demo tool for Windows® is available to test the BAOS protocol from a PC.

A generic ETS (Engineering Tool Software) database is available for setting the data types and linking the communication objects. Of course, it is also possible to create individual databases for your devices. So the KNX BAOS Modules allow a fast development of full value KNX devices which of course can be certified by the KNX Association.

Technical data

  • Dimensions (L x W): 44 x 25 mm
  • External supply for isolated UART 3.3….5 V DC
  • Bus current consumption: 9 mA
  • External pins: 2.54mm pin header
    KNX Bus +/-, Learn key, Learn LED,
    Power supply GND/VCC, UART TX/RX

Starter Kit

The Weinzierl KNX BAOS Starter Kit allows a quick start into KNX development. The development board provides a socket for the BAOS Modules and contains a user programmable micro (ATmega128) for the application as well as some connectors, LEDs and buttons for development purpose.

Foto von BAOS Gerät

The KNX BAOS Starter Kit contains: