KNX TinySerial Interface 810

The KNX Tiny Serial Interface 810 offers a simple connection to the KNX Bus Twisted Pair including galvanic isolation. The connection is via UART (3-5V). A variant with USB (virtual comport) is available as well. The communication is based on a modified TP-UART Protocol without real-time requirements to the host. The Tiny Serial Interface is ideally suited for connecting KNX Devices running various operating systems others. A Cross Platform SDK is also available to integrate Tiny Serial into your application.

The KNX TinySerial Interface 810 does not contain a KNX stack but serves as an interface on byte / telegram level. If a full KNX Stack is required e.g. for ETS commissioning we recommend to use e.g. our KNX BAOS Module 830 or 832.


  • Interface board UART (TTL)
  • Interface board USB (FTDI)
  • preprogrammed microcontrollers