KNX USB Interface 330 (Module)

The interface is used to establish a bi-directional data link between a PC and the KNX-Bus. The module can be integrated into an existing system, such as an industrial PC. The USB connection is galvanically isolated from the KNX-Bus. The circuit is compatible with KNX medium TP, the firmware supports protocol EMI1.

The interface is compatible with the ETS software ETS3. For installation of the interface in programs for Windows or Linux a free SDK named kDriveExpress is available.

Mechanical data

  • Dimensions (L x W x T): 63 x 17 x 7.7 mm, board 1.0 mm
  • Installation: Must be mounted into an appropriate enclosure before connecting to USB or KNX.


  • Signal-LED 1 (green) for USB connection
  • Signal-LED 2 (green) for KNX connection

Power supply

  • The circuit part for the communication via USB is supplied by the connected host (e.g. touchpad), the supply voltage is indicated by the corresponding LED.
    Current consumption: < 40 mA
  • The circuit part for communication via KNX is supplied by the connected KNX-Bus.
    Current consumption: < 4 mA


  • KNX: KNX connector (pins 1 mm)
    or 2.54 mm pin headers (2 poles)
  • USB: 2.54 mm pin headers (4 poles)